Regis Gérard


Tajana Gérard
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Regis was born in France, more precisely in Nievre, at the edge of the Loire. He is from a large family of fishermen. 
Even as a child, he was dreaming of catching increasingly larger fish and of rivers with pure and limpid waters...

Tajana comes from Croatia, more precisely from Split. No one in her family has ever fished. 
Already gamine at a young age, she sought through reading a wide range of books, to discover new horizons...

One day, they met !

With Tajana, Regis had caught his most beautiful fish. She discovered not only passionate love for the fisherman, but also his love of fishing. 
They decided to make of their common passion their careers. Since that day, fishing has become their life and their life of fishing now found online... 

Ten years later, Regis and Tajana are just as motivated as on the first day, they launched upon a new adventure: fishing online! 
But this time, they are not alone any more: fishermen from all over the world are invited to join them!

Welcome to fishandfishing.com !

[Chronology]Suite ...

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