OUR ACTIVITIES Guide, books, TV, radio, press, consulting, photos, fishing tackle...

All of our professional activities concentrate around fresh water fishing ! For more than 10 years, 365 days a year and often more than 16 hours a day, we breath, eat, and live fishing !

In order to better satisfy your fishing desires and your requirments, we gathered together the best European consultants, scientists, hydrobiologists, ichtyologists, as well as fishing guides, engineers, experts..., so that we can help you to continue to improve in your chosen sport : fishing !



You wish to start an activity related to the world of fishing, to become a guide or a monitor... but also to work in a specialized store which sells fishing tackle, to create a reservoir, or to open a fishing lodge ? 

We have the answers to all your questions ! We organize personalized training courses, perfectly adapted to your needs which will give you the best opportunity to suceed in your project.


Are you responsible for a fishing association and do you want to offer your association members professional answers their questions, and assist the newest members of your membership ?

We are able to offer your technicians training in the management of fishing sites, protection of the natural environment, rehabilitation of rivers and maintaining proper water levels, and much, much more.


Is yours a company searching to stimulate your fishing activities?

We conduct extensive and thorough market research, your market position, the creation, development, and management of different products adapted to your market. We offer also, to organize company events as well as the elaboration of your promotional strategies, in order to get your company communicating more effectively and thereby increase your bottomline !


Are you a regional tourist or departmental Center or Office and do you wish to develop and to promote fishing tourism ?

We offer you feasibility studies and a training program, so that you can better fulfill your responsibilities, as well as increase the effectiveness of your technicians and your associate members and associate groups.

Contact us to learn more about 
working smarter and more effectively, 
not merely harder at your jobs !

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