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   17 titles of this collection form a true fresh-water fishing encyclopaedia.

These works are for both Beginners and long time fishermen, as each text approaches the fishing of all the fresh-water species of fish and all the fishing techniques currently practised in France.

Realized in an original concept, in pocket format, these practical books of 128 pages, are printed on beautiful paper and are fully illustrated with many photos and sketches.
Titles :

Pond fishing

Walleye fishing

Pike fishing

Spinning with spinners and other lures

Modern carp fishing

Fly tying handbook

General ground bait for coarse fishing

Saltwater shore fishing

Modern trout fishing

Tricks and tips for all kinds of fishing

Coarse fishing

All fresh water fish

Summer fishing

Surf casting

Fly fishing

Fishing lines and riggings

Perch and black-bass fishing


FLY FISHING ALBUM (Editions Jean-Paul Gisserot)

Throughout 96 pages and more than 120 photographs a complete review of fly fishing from its beginnings to our days will give you hours of pleasurable reading and a great opportunity to conquer your chosen adversaries.

Title :

Fly fishing album

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