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This series is broadcast on the television channel " Seasons " and follows the evolution of fishing in France over a whole year, through 52 10 minute weekly films.
These documentaries are articulated around 7 natural phenomena, 14 fishing techniques, 14 fresh water fish species, 7 types of water and 10 practical works.You will also discover the French areas, their watery environment, their fauna and flora.
Water, the essential element of our inheritance which is socio-economic as well as cultural, is synonymous with life. Through fishing in rivers, canals, ponds, lakes, small streams... these films make it possible to better know this particular natural surrounding, in order to better preserve and respect it.

Titles :

Fishing with live bait

Direction hools

Fishing with dead bait fish

Looking for a big pike

How to prepare fishing material

When the chub sees red

How to choose a good strategy for ground bait

Fishing with paste

Rainbow trout fishing

Coarse fishing

Special opening day fishing for trout

Trout fishing with dead minnow

Trout fishing with natural baits

Tenchís awakening

Coarse fishing with match technique

Pond fishing

Walleye connection

Bream, head in the clouds

Coarse fishing with long rod

Searching for stream currents

Black bass made in France

Barbel, the sportsman

The art of spinning

Catfish fishing

Fly fishing

Grayling fishing

Bologna fishing technique

Mysterious eel

Quiver and feeder fishing techniques

Carp fishing by night

Roach fishing

Summer fishing

Good technique for predators

In the intimacy of the riverís arms

Lake fishing

Perch fishing

Autumn fishing

Dreaming of carp

The silence of channels

Live baits fishing

Fly fishing in stillwater

Bombette fishing

Reading the water

Fishing in rain-swollen river

Fishing during windy days

How to prepare your ground bait

Winter fishing

Fishing with lures

Vertical fishing

Fly dressing

Boat fishing

Fishing with voblers

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Series of 12 documentary, 52 minutes each.

France, the biggest European hydrographic wide-area network, contains fish in extraordinary places.
This series has as a goal to show you 12 mystical locations, occupied by 12 different fish species, such as a sea trout, salmon, pike...

These fine learning tools will be soon available !

Titles :


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